Congressman Rothfus voted to increase our healthcare costs and gut care as we know it. That’s unacceptable. Americans deserve accessible, affordable health care. Beth will fight to preserve the Affordable Care Act, but knows it needs to be improved so truly affordable coverage is available everywhere. She will work to find common-sense solutions to provide the quality health care we deserve and expand access so everyone is covered, no matter their zip code, age, or economic status.

Pennsylvania state has one of the highest rates of opioid deaths in the country, and better access to health care and addiction treatment will be key to ending this epidemic. Beth will fight for more than just lip service to this crisis and demand the federal government fund services for communities struggling with unprecedented levels of addiction.

Access to family planning and reproductive healthcare is important to Beth. As a single-mom who raised two boys on her own for years, she understands the importance of quality healthcare for mothers and families. 

Beth has advocated for the elderly and those in need, and will make sure to protect Medicare and Social Security for current and future generations. Tens of thousands of people in PA-12 rely on Medicare and Social Security every day, and to cut or privatize those programs would be a disaster for our families and our region.

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