Our infrastructure is sub-par. If we want to attract cutting edge businesses and grow jobs, we need to invest in our own region’s infrastructure. Western Pennsylvanians know bridges, roads, tunnels, rail lines, waterways, drinking water and sewer systems, and public transportation make living and working possible.

Maintaining our infrastructure keeps us working and keeps us safe. Pennsylvania's roads are some of the worst in the country, and those in our district are some of the worst in the state. Our locks and dams are failing, our bridges are rusted and beyond their lifespans, our sewers are overflowing into our rivers, and there is lead in Pittsburgh’s drinking water. Congressman Rothfus failed to fight to get the investment our area needs.

Beth will fight to bring back infrastructure funding to Western PA so we can make the necessary repairs and bring our systems into the 21st century. She’ll also fight for new investments to for transportation projects, bus routes and improved rail service to Johnstown and Pittsburgh.

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