Let's solve problems and get things done.  Period.

The people of Western Pennsylvania deserve a Representative in Congress that is looking out for them above all else. 

For too long, the economy has been rigged for corporations and millionaires. Thanks to Congress, and Congressman Rothfus in particular, Wall Street won and we lost. It is time to raise the minimum wage and put workers first.

Beth knows that women have unique healthcare needs, which for too long were not covered by insurance, leaving treatment too expensive or inaccessible for many. We must defend the gains we've made, like including access to preventative screenings...

Congressman Rothfus voted to increase our healthcare costs and gut care as we know it. That’s unacceptable. Americans deserve accessible, affordable health care.

We may never stop every single gun death, but that is not a reason to stop trying to prevent any gun deaths. Together we can absolutely make sensible reforms that will save lives. 

Our infrastructure is sub-par. If we want to attract cutting edge businesses and grow jobs, we need to invest in our own region’s infrastructure.

Congressman Rothfus has spent the last five years fighting for corporations and the rich, leaving his constituents behind. Congress has failed us, and Congressman Rothfus has forgotten the people of Western Pennsylvania. 

Our veterans and their families have made great sacrifices for our country, and they deserve world-class treatment in exchange.

As the most prosperous nation in history, we cannot abandon our senior citizens and let them become homeless, destitute and without health care.