For too long, the economy has been rigged for corporations and millionaires. Thanks to Congress, and the work of Congressman Rothfus in particular, Wall Street won and we lost. It is time to proritize workers and small businesses above of the wealthiest among us and multi-national corporations. That is why Beth supports raising the minimum wage to $15/hour. 

The playing field must be level for small businesses so they can grow and create jobs. To do that, we need to eliminate tax breaks for companies that outsource our jobs overseas. And we need real tax cuts for small businesses to create jobs here in Western Pennsylvania.

As a small business owner, Beth understand the importance of reducing taxes and simplifying the tax code. Beth will work to eliminate wasteful special interest handouts for companies that hide their money off shore, and will lower taxes for middle-class people who need it most.

Beth received a college basketball scholarship because of Title IX – she knows that with an equal playing field, anyone can accomplish a lot. That’s why she will fight tirelessly for equal pay for equal work and oppose any effort that discriminates against women and minorities.

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