Our veterans and their families have made great sacrifices for our country, and they deserve world-class treatment in exchange. But Congressman Rothfus has allowed a backlog at the VA to slow critical treatment access for veterans. Beth will make sure there are timely, high-quality services and benefits for our veterans.

Beth will fight budget cuts to veterans' programs and will push to increase funding for research for physical injuries and mental health services. Beth supports tax credits for employers who hire veterans, because thanking veterans for their service alone isn’t enough.

Beth is committed to the United States maintaining the strongest armed forces in the world. Our intelligence officers, diplomatic corps, and servicemen and women need to be properly armed and equipped carry out their work missions. She knows we must protect our borders. Americans must be safe at home and abroad, and those who wish to come to the United States must go through the proper channels.

Hunting is a way of life for many people in Western Pennsylvania, and Beth will always defend the second ammendment. She also believes there are common-sense solutions to keep military-grade weapons and firearms out of the hands of terrorists and the dangeriously mentally ill. 

As the daughter, sister, and wife to veterans, Beth understand the sacrifices our armed forces make for us every day. She is deeply committed to protecting our security at home and abroad, all the members of our armed services, and our veterans.

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