Sensible Gun Laws

Like many people in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Beth learned to hunt when she was a child. Many of her friends and family members are responsible firearm owners. But Beth's family was also touched by gun violence - years ago, a close family member was shot and killed by a friend who had mental health issues. 

Beth's family advocated for the Brady Bill then, and she believes now there are many sensible reforms we can take to make our communities and schools safer. Banning high-capacity magazines, bump stocks, and continuing to prohibit silencers; raising the age to buy assault-style rifles; universal background checks; prohibiting people on the terrorist watch list and convicted of domestic abuse from buying guns; the list goes on. 

We may never stop every single gun death, but that is not a reason to stop trying to prevent any gun deaths. Together we can absolutely make sensible reforms that will save lives. 

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