Congressman Rothfus has spent the last five years fighting for corporations and the rich, leaving his constituents behind. Congress has failed us, and Congressman Rothfus has forgotten the people of Western Pennsylvania. We deserve a Representative with our common-sense values who will look out for us, not special interests.

Beth is running for Congress to be our voice, to have our backs, to cut through petty partisanship and gridlock -- and most importantly, to actually get something done. She understands Western Pennsylvania values, and will defend our way of life and rights while finding commonsense solutions to big problems. Beth believes we can have high air and water quality, and have good jobs in the energy sector that take advantage of our natural resources. She knows we can protect the second ammendment and find solutions to keep us safe from violence. Beth’s record shows she can take on powerful interests and bring people together to find solutions and make real change happen.

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